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Rinaldi Roofing Selects STINGER® Cap Nail System For Fastening Roofing Underlayment for Historic Rhode Island Beach House

Stinger Nail Cap System

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Stinger Nail Cap System

In the early 1900s, beachfront cottages were a common sight on the Rhode Island coast. However, in 1938 the Great New England Hurricane destroyed more than 500 coastal homes, leaving only ten dotted across the state’s beachfronts. Among the surviving houses were those of Matunuck Beach’s Browning Cottages, named for the original property owner. Since their construction at the beginning of the 20th century, three of the original five Queen Anne Victorian-style cottages nestled on the beach have withstood over a century of saltwater, brutal hurricanes and even physical relocation.

Despite the first relocation in 1998, which moved the houses further from the sea, in 2012, two of the original five homes were torn down following critical damage from Tropical Storm Sandy. To prevent further damage to the remaining homes, the cottages were again moved 35 feet north and placed onto concrete pilings in 2013.

One beachfront homeowner reached out to the experienced roofers at Rinaldi Roofing of South Kingston, RI, to help them protect their home from future hurricane-force winds and severe coastal weather. Established by the Rinaldi brothers, the roofing company offers customers more than ten years of expertise in using innovative technologies to build long-lasting, durable roofs.

“When my brother Matt and I started this company, we agreed we would only use the highest quality materials the market has to offer, which is why we use products like F-WAVE™ REVIA ® premium synthetic residential roofing shingles and STINGER® fastening tools and fasteners,” explains Nick Rinaldi, owner of Rinaldi Roofing. “Many contractors can just lay shingles on a roof, but we are recognized as the best because we go the extra mile to install underlayment that contributes to the roof’s performance.”

In high-wind coastal environments, cap fasteners, like those manufactured by STINGER, help seal out moisture and prevent blow-offs, allowing the roofers to install underlayment confidently and safely.

“The owner came to us and said, ‘I want something that will outlast both my kids and me,’’’ said Rinaldi. “We didn’t even have to think about it. Pairing F-Wave and STINGER seemed like the perfect solution and the homeowner couldn’t agree more.”

Seeking to preserve the home’s original rustic aesthetic while adding the safety and protection of a modern roofing system, the Rinaldi Roofing crew went to work on the installation. Armed with STINGER CN100B pneumatic cap nailers, and NailPac® cap fasteners, the builders completed the underlayment install on schedule to protect the new roof deck from the coastal elements.

“STINGER products have been an integral part of our roofing business,” explained Rinaldi. “The home is our customer’s largest investment and with the proximity to the ocean and gale-force winds, we feel much more confident knowing these products will stay up on the roof where they belong.”

Delivering proven performance, STINGER’s NailPac cap fasteners recently met requirements for Florida Product Approval (FL35349) under the Florida (DBPR) Department of Business & Professional Regulation. The first and only fastener of its kind to earn Florida Product Approval, NailPac is ASTM tested to withstand sustained winds of 150mph for one hour. NailPac Electro-Galvanized Ring Shank cap Contact: Maureen Murray 973-713-7367 precise2@optonline.net nails help ensure roofing contractors and their customers that water will not enter the home, reducing damage during severe weather. Designed exclusively for use with STINGER’s CN100B Cap Nailer, NailPac cap nails help seal out moisture and deliver superior holding power to secure underlayment in hurricane-force winds. Recognized for its superior performance, NailPac also meets the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety’s (IBHS®) FORTIFIED Roof™ program standards.

“As younger guys, we are very tuned into technology and use that as a strength,” explained Rinaldi. “It allows us to be much more innovative regarding the newest and best roofing products. Technology is moving so fast, with products evolving and getting exponentially better. There is so much research and development that goes into it, so we are going to take advantage of that. Ultimately, it benefits the consumer most and gives us a competitive advantage for offering them.”

Working in unrelenting winds as waves crashed nearby, the roofers made quick work of the project, allowing the homeowner to move forward with continued renovations to restore the historic house to its former glory to be enjoyed for years to come. “The owners are ecstatic with the way it came out,” said Rinaldi. “It gives us peace of mind knowing we are truly giving the homeowner the best system possible. You sleep well when you do the right thing.” Learn more about STINGER roof underlayment tools and fasteners at www.STINGERWORLD.com or call 1-800-746-5659.


STINGER provides fasteners and tools that take roofing and sidewall projects from just another job to a job well done. The best practice for securing underlayment, roofing felt, and housewrap, STINGER technologies are designed for a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. They are the roofing brand of National Nail Corp., headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. Other National Nail brands include Pro-Fit® (packaged, bulk and collated fasteners) and CAMO® deck tools and fasteners.

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